Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Lunch

One of his birthday presents was a new laptop lunchbox. I love the new ones because they have patterns. I got my son the alien one and I got myself the new flower one.

For his first lunch in his new and improved lunchbox, here's what I did...

I made a turkey and cheese sandwich on a bed of lettuce and some snap peas. He has carrot arms and legs.

There's also watermelon and some Persian cookies from the celebration of Persian New Year in my classroom last week.

He loved it and thought it was very cool!


  1. I love those laptop lunch kits. I don't have one. I am trying to be more creative with my husband's lunch. I love bentos and beautiful food. You did a nice job.

  2. Hi KJ, thank you for your sweet comments, and welcome to my blog! I love the laptop lunchbox, its so easy for me to pack lunches for all 3 of us! I am also making lunch for my husband in our old ones now. I'll have to post a few of his, although they're slightly more boring than the ones for my 6 year old!