Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Robot Birthday Party

My son turned 6 on Monday. Saturday was his birthday party. I used some great resources on the web and here's how the day ended up...
First, here's my little guy. I can't believe he's 6! He was so excited about his party.

This was the door sign as the kids came to the house

This is the birthday banner I made for him

When the kids came in, I had duplo legos set out for them to build robots and a bean bag toss (which they loved!)

Each child got to take home these for party favors. Inside was a wooden robot to color, a coloring sheet, some stickers and robot tattoos.

I had this sign posted at the snack table. I lined plastic containers with foil and put snacks in there. I had snap peas, Trader Joe's cheese snacks and some cork screw snacks I found there too.

And last but not least, cake pictures. The cake was a bit of a fiasco. I was working on it quite late on Friday night and when I started frosting it, The chocolate cake began to crumble. My wonderful husband said it looked like cookies and cream! I wasn't sure, but my son loved it and told me that he always wants me to make his cakes, never to buy them. I'm so glad he liked it.

I had so much fun putting together this party. When I was putting him to bed that night, I asked him if he could choose, would he pick a party at the jump house place or a mommy party. He said he liked going to his friends' parties there, but his parties are mommy parties and he likes them that way! That's the greatest compliment a mom could get.

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  1. I love the party favors in the robot head. so creative! I never think up those things