Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly Menu

Well, summer is over, its back to work tomorrow.  Gone are the big creative meals, abandoned for quick and easy!  It was a great summer; I finished my first half-marathon, visited with friends and family, enjoyed time with my son and my husband, and found some time to scrapbook and read.  The next few weeks will be filled with craziness, so meals will be quicker and easier.  I'm
 also back to faithfully doing Crock Pot Mondays, next week.  I'd love to get input from you on how you use your crock pot to simplify busy school days too!

So, here's my menu plan:

Monday: I have a meeting til 8, so after karate we're stopping to get dinner

Tuesday: Chicken Pasta with thyme-mint sauce

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: I'm hoping my hubby will take me out for dinner and a movie!  Otherwise, we'll raid the freezer!

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  1. OK, I must have a lot on my mind, I left out Wednesday! I made delicious late summer ciabatta sandwiches tonight, and Wednesday is the pasta!