Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas Menu Plan

Christmas in our family is tomorrow.  My little man was with his dad for Christmas this year. I'm antsy.  I'm really ready for him to be home, to hug him and know that he's sleeping in the room down the hall.  I'm ready to know he's home safely.  I'm ready to see his face light up tomorrow morning when he comes downstairs.  I'm ready for my little man to be home!  I think these last 2 hours will probably drag on!  In anticipation of his arrival home, I got up this morning and made cinnamon rolls, 3 batches of cookies, and then spent the day finishing his last Christmas present at the sewing machine.  Now, I'm ready!  While I wait for the clock to keep ticking by, I thought I'd work on our plan for the week.

Monday: Picking something up for dinner
Tuesday: Christmas dinner: prime rib, spinach souffle, green beans, and cookies for dessert
Wednesday: Chili Cheese Dogs while we watch the football game!
Thursday: Pasta with Pancetta and Leeks
Friday: Pizza and movie night

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