Sunday, January 31, 2010

Menu Plan for the week

My son and I enjoyed the break in all the rain we've been having and took a stroll through the local farmer's market today. Every time I do that, with the sun shining and the beautiful fruits and vegetables at all the stands, I am so thankful for where I live! We ate falafel and strolled down the farmer's market admiring all the delicious fruits and vegetables! It was so fun to see the reaction on peoples' faces when they saw a 5 year old eating (and loving) falafel!

So, on to my menu plan for the week...

Sunday: Lentil soup and cornbread

Monday: orange chicken with broccoli and brown rice

Tuesday: macaroni and cheese with cauliflower

Wednesday: frittata

Thursday: leftovers (I have training on Thursdays now from 6:15-8:00, so its find something in the fridge day for the next few months!)

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: I am hoping my hubby and I can go out and celebrate an early valentine's day together since the following week, we head off for family vacation in the desert (which will hopefully be warm and dry!

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