Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sick kiddo at home

I planned to get my menu plan up on Sunday night, but I got a call from my son's dad saying that my son had a nasty cough, so my husband and I ran over to my school to get my sub plans ready for the next day. I'm home again today with a sick kiddo. My poor little man- he's got a nasty cough and that sick look in his eyes. Being an almost 6 year old boy, he gets bursts of energy, then collapses. I'm trying to keep him calm with movies and games, so we'll see.

Last night, I used my new crockpot (hubby got me a programmable one since mine cracked, and I was burning dinner on karate night) I made lemon chicken I made a couple changes to the recipe though. I added rice vinegar instead of balsamic, and I used tomato paste with added water instead of ketchup. It was good, but I want to play with it again and see if I can make it better!

Tonight, I really want to bake some homemade bread, so we'll see if that happens! Hubby asked for tacos, so I am compromising and making this I haven't made that one in a long time, so it will be fun to do again.

Wednesday night, I'm going to make corn chowder and we'll have homemade bread with it.

Thursday is leftovers

Friday we'll have homemade pizza.

Next week, we will be heading out for vacation. We're staying at a resort that has a kitchen in the room. I think we will probably eat breakfast and lunch in the room, we'll see what I can stir up!

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