Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekly plan

Wow! I was just signing in to post this week's menu, and I realised I've written 50 posts! I enjoy talking about what I'm cooking in my new kitchen. Cooking for my family is truly one of my favorite hobbies. Its the way I calm down and center myself and relax. There are days I just want to get through it, but when I have family around who appreciates my cooking, it makes it all worth it!

So, here's this week's menu (I'll be following it more closely since we go back to work and school tomorrow)

I am inspired by Jamie Oliver's show Food Revolution. I thought I'd try one or 2 of his recipes this week.

Monday- sausage meatballs

Tuesday- breaded chicken strips and twice bakes potatoes

Wednesday- Ravioli with homemade pesto

Thursday- leftovers

Friday- Party for volunteers from my son's school fundraiser

Saturday- sloppy joes and home-baked fries

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