Monday, December 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  We had such a great time as a family.  We were all spoiled and enjoyed playing my son's new lego game.  I think more Lego games are to come to our house again in the future!  I spent so much time finishing up Christmas crafts last week that I didn't have any time to post!  I promise, the craft ideas are coming.

I'm home for the week, and my little guy is off with his dad for a week of vacation.  I'm thinking about trying my hand at quilting.  I have a couple knitting projects I need to finish, so we'll see if I do start on a new hobby!  Tomorrow, I am taking my stepson to see Harry Potter a little Stepmom/stepson bonding.

So, on top of knitting and sewing, here's my cooking menu for the week...

Monday: Brisket
Tuesday: Meat Pies with leftover brisket
Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan sandwiches
Thursday: Fish Tacos
Friday (New Year's Eve): we will probably have a light snack of leftovers before we head to the local wine bar for NYE celebrations!


  1. Fish Tacos are a staple in our house on my meal plan. Good luck quilting, I wanted to try that this year!

  2. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you'll stop by again.