Saturday, February 26, 2011

We're back!

We were away on a family vacation for the last 5 days.  We had a blast, but it was so good to be home last night and sleep in our own beds.  I'm tired of eating out and ready to cook for my family!  Tonight, we'll have homemade pizza.  Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, so I'm making his favorite, chicken cordon bleu.

Our vacation started with a drive to San Diego.  We stopped in Santa Barbara for some lunch and a visit to the ocean.  My little man got to spend some time playing in the sand.


We got to the hotel late.  We stayed on Coronado Island in a beautiful hotel.

On Monday, we played in the pool and just hung out in the sunshine.  It was nice to just kick back and see my husband and my son play together in the pool!

We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park on Wednesday.  I went there about 25 years ago, and it has changed so much!  I love the wide open spaces for the animals to roam.  We saw 2 baby animals just born that day!  The hilight of the day was seeing my son feed the lorakeets!  He had a blast and spent his money so he could buy the food and do it again before we left!  What an experience!

On Thursday, we went to Disneyland!  What a blast.  We rode rides and played and had a blast spending time together.  After all the time in the park, my little guy went to Ridemakerz and he got to build a car.  Its kind of Build A Bear for cars.  He enjoyed that part of the trip the best, I think.  Its definitely going to be a go-to place for birthdays and Christmas!  I wish we had the store closer!

It was a wonderful week together.  Now time to get back to reality!  The laundry needs to be done and I have a fridge that needs to be cleaned out!

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