Sunday, June 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday


Happy Father's Day!  Today, we're having sliders, home-baked fries, baked zucchini rounds, and cherry pie for dessert!

This is going to be a short week, and I'm trying to use up as much food from my fridge as I can.  We lave for Seattle on Friday morning for my half marathon and a mini-vacation.  Lake, bar-b-que, hanging out with great friends, here we come!!

Monday:  Terriyaki chicken with broccoli and brown rice

Tuesday: Macaroni and Cheese (one of these days, I'll share this recipe!)

Wednesday: homemade hot pockets (I'm going to use my homemade pizza dough recipe and use some of the lunchmeat and veggies we have left in the fridge)

Thursday: leftovers for my hubby and me.  My stepson is heading down to his grandparents' house while we're gone and I pick my son up the next morning for our flight.

You can find more meal ideas here at Organizing Junkie.

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