Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I love Thursday

In honor of my run this Saturday, I thought I'd share what I use when I run.  I don't like the taste or the funky feeling I get when I drink sport drinks.  It requires a little more forethought that grabbing a scoop of Cytomax or a bottle of Gatorade.  But, in my mind, its worth it.  I got to try this at a boot camp I did last year.  At the end of class, our coaches brought us all one at the end of class.  I love it!  Its refreshing, healthy, and doesn't leave me feeling funky after I drink it.

SPORTea Iced Tea (1-Quart Size), 7-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 4)

The other thing I like on my longer runs is

Gu Energy Gel Chocolate Outrage 6-Pk Model 112
I like the chocolate.  I have tried a couple other flavors, and wasn't impressed.  A friend described the chocolate flavor as brownie mix.

Marware SportShell Convertible Arm Band for iPhone 3G, 3G S (Black)
The last thing I am so glad to have back (I lost mine and had to buy a new one) is my iPhone armband.  I have apps I like to use for running, and on longer runs, I don't like to have to hold my phone in my hand.  Having an armband is great.

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What exercise do you like to do and what equipment do you have to have?


  1. Thanks! Great suggestions!

  2. Awesome. I hate that feeling after drinking Gatorade, Accelerade, etc. My husband uses Gu but I haven't tried it.
    I just need my Mp3 player - I don't run that far or fast so I will probably not die of dehydration before I get home :)