Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things I love Thursday-tea

I am a big tea drinker.  I like coffee too, but I gave up my morning cup a while ago.  I love my tea!  My favorite place to shop is Teavana.  Their teas are great!  My favorites right now are My Morning Matte for my morning cup, and either youthberry or a mixture of strawberry lemonade with blueberry bliss.  Those are both so yummy over ice.  And, last weekend at our BBQ, I made mojitos with the strawberry and blueberry.  You have to be careful with those, they'll get you before you realize it! 

Have a great weekend, and try to enjoy some tea! 


  1. I admit that I don't drink tea too much.I went a month without coffee and decided to drink tea instead - pomegranate green tea. It was delish! I have several other types in my cabinet like chamomile.

  2. Tea is a wonderful thing to drink when hanging out with friends in the afternoon! I've never had pomegranate green tea, it sounds delicious. I'll have to add it to the list. Do you use tea bags or whole leaf tea?