Monday, May 24, 2010

My Take on the Lost finale

First off, I have to say I really liked the way they ended it!  Here's my thoughts.

I think ppl are trying too hard find the answers.

 Here's my take:  We live life and don't always know what all the answers are.  We don't know why things happen, or what will happen as a result of decisions we make and ppl we meet.  There are events that will lead us off the path we are taking and show us how to get where we need to be.  There are also places we will journey to that we will never know the impact of.  Life is about making mistakes, and having victories.  Its about the highs and the lows.  Its about the connections we make along the way who can take us through those times when we fall.  At the end, its about forgiving yourself and others for mistakes you've made and being forgiven.  Its about choosing to move on from that past.

Some of the characters didn't move on because they weren't ready to let go and move on.

I loved this finale.  I loved the way it ended.  Yes, there were unanswered questions details about how they got there, but don't we face that in our lives all the time.  Well done for the finale.  I loved it!!

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