Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan week of 1/24


This week, we'll be out a lot.  My husband said we could go try a burger place I've heard a lot about this evening, and Tuesday is fundraising night for our school at Aqui (a great organic, fresh Cal-Mex place in our area)  Friday my hubby and I are taking off for a much-needed night away up in Calistoga.  So, we're not around a lot this week!  On that note, here's the plan...

Sunday: Burgers out as a family

Monday: BBQ pineapple chicken quesadillas

Tuesday: Fundraising dinner for school, so we're having take-out

Wednesday: Cajun Pasta (with flank steak)

Thursday: sausage, and veggie skillet

Friday: Mini-break with my husband!

Saturday: We'll probably stop and get something on the way back home.

What do you have on your menu for the week?

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