Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kung Fu Monkeys

Last month, my son tested for his blue belt in karate.  This means later class and sparring!  With sparring, comes the gear.  Not only does he need to have his karate uniform, but also gloves and shin guards.  The question is what does a mommy do so he can carry all these things to and from school?  Answer: she makes a bag for his gear.  And what fabric do I use?  Kung Fu Monkey fabric, of course!

I used this tutorial and made it a little bigger.  To make my pattern, I used old paper grocery bags.  It took me about 4 hours to make, and he loves it!

I used Navy fabric for the lining and the outside bottom.  I had my first adventure into quilting.  I quilted the bottom layers together for extra strength.

The drawstring is from navy cord, strung through the top and the grommets on the side.

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