Saturday, September 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

My husband and I are just hanging out tonight, and I finished my latest sewing project (I'll post soon), so I thought I'd start working on our weekly menu.

Right now, I am dealing with an awful infestation of fruit flies that I think came in with some peaches last weekend.  Last year, we got a few, and we were able to get rid of them pretty quickly.  This year, its horrible.  I've put everything away, and they are still multiplying and I feel like they are everywhere!  Ick!  Despite the nasty fruit flies, I go on cooking and taking care of my family!  Right now I am giggling secretly as my husband does the fly killing dance in the kitchen.  I wish you could see this, its very funny! And just so you know, fruit flies will not be on the menu!

Crock Pot Monday: Crock pot turkey chili

Tuesday: build your own crepes

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: portobello and heirloom tomato paninis  (yes, I'll post the recipe!)

Friday: bagel dogs

Saturday: lasagna

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