Friday, November 12, 2010

Yes, I know I'm mostly a food blogger, but...

This year, you are not going to find forays into the goings on in my kitchen for Thanksgiving.  In fact, you will probably only get craft stuff from me and some whines!  My son is with his dad for Thanksgiving this year.  My husband and I have been going back and forth about how we want to spend Thanksgiving this year.  If it were up to me, my wonderful hubby and I would take off for a few days and we would pretend it wasn't Thanksgiving.  This is so contradictory for me and the way I live my life.  I am generally a positive, look at the glass half full, see the silver lining type person.  The years he's not with us for Christmas are hard, but we just reschedule Christmas.  The fact that I get 2 week off that time of year make it easier.  Thanksgiving is one of those days I just can't get over.  Its not like Thanksgiving can be rescheduled.  So, I am being thankful for what I have this Thanksgiving, but I'm still going to miss my 6 year old a TON!  And I've decided we need to win the lottery tomorrow so we can take off for the weekend!

What do you do when holidays hold painful memories?  How do you get past those memories and enjoy the present?

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